HEREs - Higher Education Reform Experts

In countries that are, by status, partners within Erasmus+ Programme, teams of national Higher Education Reform Experts (HEREs) activate. The experts offer their vast experience to local authorities and stakeholders in reforming the educational sector, contributing to policy development. The activities of HEREs are based on “between colleagues” relationship. Members of HEREs are specialized in higher education (rectors, vice-rectors, deans, senior academics, specialists in international relations, students, etc.).

Higher Education Reform Expert’s mission consists of supporting:

  • policy development in the countries concerned, by supporting the modernization process and higher education reform strategies in close cooperation with local authorities
  • the political dialogue with EU in higher education
  • Erasmus+ projects (especially those implemented within Action 2 - Capacity building), by disseminating the results and products, particularly of the best practices and innovating initiatives and by exploiting them for training
  • training and counseling activities that target interested local stakeholders, especially Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) and their staff.   

HEREs team is called upon to implement the development strategy of the Bologna in HEIs. HEREs elaborates and offers training courses for other persons actively involved in promoting reforms in national higher education. They offer recommendations and guide HEIs regarding quality assurance, curricula reform, staff qualification, national and European, equalization and international recognition (e.g. ECTS, Diploma Supplement).

The experts benefit of training technical assistance, information and collaboration, offered by EACEA, and participate in developing policy and national reforms. With the aim of improvement, HEREs are invited to participate, together with EU experts specialized in Bologna process, at international conferences and regional seminars on subjects regarding monitoring higher education.

The experts team is coordinated by National Erasmus+ Office in the country it activates.

Usually, national HEREs teams consists of five to fifteen members, depending on the country size and the number of HEIs from that state. HEREs team from Moldova has seven representatives, coming from different higher education institutions.









Ministry of Education

Moldova State University

Tehnical University

from Moldova

"B. P. Hasdeu" University from Cahul








"Alecu Russo"

University from Balti

"T. Sevcenko"

University from Tiraspol

Students Alliance

of Moldova